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Results of @statesman Twitter survey

Thanks to everyone who filled out my Twitter survey. I learned a lot in reading it, and I enjoyed every comment.

Here’s the report I sent my bosses:

I built and put out an unscientific survey of the followers of our Statesman Twitter account to get a feel for who they were and what they were thought of our account.
Most questions allowed them to write-in their answers, so they can’t be quantified in numbers, but they give me great feedback as I work.

Here are the results that did involve numbers or multiple-choice questions:

I received 138 total responses (all garnered through call out from Twitter Statesman account) out of 1,900+ possible responses (about 7 percent):

Before they followed us on Twitter:

43 said they never visited statesman.com
52 visited a few times a month
24 visited a few times a week
18 Visited every day
1 didn’t answer

Visits to statesman.com now that they follow us on Twitter:

1 Never visit statesman.com now (person is in L.A.)
10 Visit a few times a month
75 Visit a few times a week
50 Visit every day
2 didn’t answer

Summary (of the 7 percent sampling of our followers):

Before following us on Twitter, 95 of 138 (68 percent) either never visited or came a few times a month).
Now that they’re following us on Twitter, 125 of 138 (90 percent) either visit a few times a week or every day.

Other findings:

85 respondents (62 percent) indicated that they follow more than one Statesman account (one of our other main feeds or a reporter).
52 respondents want more Tweets on nights and weekends
86 said they do not want more Tweets than what we’re doing now.

Print subscriptions:

Before they followed us on Twitter:

32 were subscribers to our print edition
* 22 were 7-day subscribers
* 10 subscribe only on weekends
37 said they read the print edition “sometimes.”
67 did not read our print edition
2 didn’t answer

Since they started following us on Twitter:

5 said “yes” when asked if they would consider subscribing now
30 said “maybe” when asked if they’d consider subscribing
13 didn’t answer or were already subscribers


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