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Who is missing from Twitter?

Not many corporations or public officials have figured Twitter out yet. It’s probably too early for it to be too late, but it does make me wonder: Who do I wish would get addicted to Twitter? And I mean full-out, real-person, unable-to-do-their-regular-job because-they’re-tweeting-Twittering. I don’t mind the idea of Twitter filling up with corporations. Why? Because it’s easy to ignore them if you are not interested. It’s a different media that way. Spammers don’t even bother me because I don’t have to follow them.

Anyway, I compiled two lists here. Tell me your lists.

Who I think is doing it well – outside of local media, of course 🙂


@popeyeschicken (done with great humor, too)

@zappos (though this is more like CEO soap opera than a corporate Twitter)

@delloutlet (and all of its sister Tweets and humans who are on Twitter to help out)

@wholefoods (started Twittering with personality just days after @statesman did. I find them to be a little heavy on the self-promotion.)

@johnculberson (U.S. House member who really spends a lot of time on Twitter.)

That’s not a very long list. And they’re mostly related to food. Who am I missing?

Here’s who I wish was Twittering:

* Apple (Customer service, new products, downloads, etc.)

* ESPN (I know, they have a feed, but I wish it were a human. Maybe one of their personalities?)

* One major sports personality (Tiger, you have time now!)

* One major movie star. Any major movie star. Wouldn’t that be a coup by their publicist and the movie studio to have someone Twittering from the set or from Hollywood parties? You listening, Angelina Jolie? 🙂

* Our local politicians, especially City Council members and the mayor, but also statewide officials. And it should be somewhat personal. I know @BarackObama has a lot of followers, but that isn’t the most exciting feed in the world. John Culberson’s feed is much more interesting.

* Rudy’s barbecue (just so they can offer me discounts on their extra moist chopped beef).

So, who would be on your list?



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