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Yes, I am ready for some football

This is my time of year.

It was in the 60s this morning when I woke up (it’s still going to be 96 today, though). In a few minutes, a boring college football game is on TV. Don’t misunderstand me: A boring college football game is like pizza – even when it’s bad, it’s good.

Tomorrow, the Cowboys open the season at Cleveland. It just doesn’t get any better. I’ve had Cowboys season tickets since 1992. Well, my Dad had the tickets until about 2001, and then I purchased them from him. I went to a lot of great games in those years, including the famous “Lett it be” ice bowl on Thanksgiving. I also saw some Cowboys highlights, including the prime years for Emmitt, Aikman and Irvin.

Alas, this is my last year of having season tickets. Jerry Jones’ (and the taxpayers’) beautiful new stadium has outpriced me. Every year, I scraped up about $2k to buy the tickets (4 seats in lower end zone, shady side). I’d sell most of the tickets on eBay, go to a few of the games and break even (in good years). This year, tickets are waaaaa-aaaay more than $2k, when you throw in the “franchise fee” that Jerry want me to pay on each seat.

Oh well, it was a good run. Hopefully, the Cowboys dominate this year and make it to at least the NFC championship (with home-field advantage). That way, I can get at least a few more games in (and playoff games, no less) before my tickets go away.

Being outpriced will not stop me from being a Cowboys fan. I’ll still watch them. Thank God for high-definition TV, pizza (bad or good) and football.

Now if we can just get the high temperatures down into the 70s …



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