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Twitter, welcome to the mainstream

Hurricane Gustav has and will put Twitter in the spotlight like never before. There’s no better social media tool out there to mass communicate news – and now we have a big story to give it a boost.

CNN has been playing up its Twittering efforts frequently during the storm. CNN’s Rick Sanchez is leading the charge for them.

The Chicago Tribune is posting tons of great dispatches using GustavReporter. A Fox News producer, lineback, is reporting from the field, as is urbanreporter and probably several others in the media.

The American-Statesman’s DV jouranlist, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, is sending dispatches from his newly created account TrackingGustav. Statesman.com is posting Jorge’s Tweets with a link from the top of the home page. Biz Stone, one of the cofounders of Twitter, is following TrackingGustav. He doesn’t follow many people, so I’m guessing he’s interested to see what we’re doing with this powerful tool he gave us.

Besides the media, there are thousands of reports coming out from people across the Twitterverse.

I’m a journalist who thinks Twitter is a great tool and a Twitter addict who thinks Twitter is a fun program. For a while, I’ve thought that we were one breaking news story away from having Twitter go mainstream. This is it.

It’s about time.



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