About The Quig

I’m the Internet editor at the Austin American-Statesman. My job is to make sure we get breaking news up on our sites quickly and to shepherd our social media efforts. I’m the main guy behind @statesman.

If you know me (even just through Twitter or through my blog), make a connection with me on LinkedIn. Or just follow me on Twitter on my personal account. I’m always looking to make new friends 🙂


2 responses to “About The Quig

  1. tony chapa

    hey robert. were you in the army? if so, did you go through basic training at ft. leonard wood, missouri in 1988? i went through basic with a guy named robert quigley and thought you might be him.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I am writing a piece on newspapers and Twitter and was hoping you could answer some questions:
    1 – How does Twitter improve/benefit what the delivery of information and how different it is from RSS feeds or having updates on the website?
    2 – How much journalism can you actually provide through Twitter? How important is it to the news operation?
    3 – What else can a newspaper — or your newspaper — use Twitter for? Is it useful for newsgathering?
    4 – The Mumbai attacks showed that Twitter can help users/citizens go around media outlets to communicate the news. What part does a newspaper play in an emergency situation that produces milliones of tweets without filter or order?
    5 – Does the traffic/hits that a Twitter feed attracts for newspapers justify having a person tweeting?
    If you’d like to reply directly to my email or send me your tel. info to talk, you can reach me at gabosama@yahoo.com

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