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Twitter politics

As a member of the mainstream media, I have to be careful about exposing my politics. I am representing the American-Statesman 24/7. That’s tough. I have opinions. I even have political opinions. But I have to keep them to myself, even on Twitter. As I’ve watched the Democrat and Republican conventions, I’ve had to keep a lid on my opinions. It’s easy to say, “So and so looked horrible.” or “So and so looked fantastic,” but I just can’t.

I do not reveal my politics. Period. My wife knows my politics, but that’s it. I could be a hard-core conservative or a hard-core liberal. Even my colleagues don’t know. I like to keep it that way.

That leads me to Twitter. It’s hard to stay cool and neutral when you see Tweets that you are just dying to respond to. But I have so far. Want to know which way I go? Too bad. 🙂



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