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Blip.fm – for when you must share everything

It’s not enough that we share what we’re doing every minute on Twitter, our party pics on Flickr and even what we ate after every meal: now we also can share what we’re listening to on Blip.fm. What’s next? ListenToMeSingInTheShower.com? (Hmm, anyone have any extra VC?)

I discovered Blip.fm just by seeing people on Twitter posting interesting posts with little musical notes in them, like this:

I set up an account, found a couple of Twitter buddies to invite, and suddenly, I’m sharing even more of my life.

Blip.fm works this way: You find songs that are mysteriously hosted around the Internet (or upload your own at your own copyright peril) and post that song with a little Text. It’s really Twitter with music. Blip does a few things really well – such as integrating with Twitter. You can tell Blip to share every new song that you select on Twitter. It posts just like you see above. If you don’t want to flood your Twitter account, you can type an exclamation point before your text. For example, if I had typed “! Was listening to this, one of my favorite Stones songs …” then it would have posted on Blip, but NOT on Twitter. Handy.

What I don’t like: Commenting on others’ choice of songs is cumbersome. You actually have to post the song yourself in order to even comment. Is there really a social networking site out there that does not have an easy way to comment on others’ messages? Lame. Also, their “help” section could use a lot of help. There is no explanation for much of anything on there if you’re a newbie. It’s hard to figure out some of the most basic things, such as “What is a ‘listener?”

What I do like: Sharing songs is something we naturally do. When a good song comes on the radio, don’t you turn it up so others can hear it sometimes? Isn’t it fun to see what’s on your friends’ iPods? Also, the interface is pretty clean, and once you figure out the basics, it isn’t difficult to master.

So, here I am, sharing my taste in music. Of course, I stopped listening to new music around 1994, so I’m dating myself with each post. But it is a lot of fun.

Want to share your music? Join me here.


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